7 Reasons You Like A DOUCHE At The GYM!

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‘s Been out for Thirty Petayear – in basements, garages, and gyms. In this video men’s STYLE, grooming, Fitness and lifeSTYLE expert, Haaroon Marino of IAmM, HaaroonMarino, and PeTe & Says his BODY is his temple, and the gym is his church. And he adds That if you Want to Join him, you Having to act accordingly!
STOP the GYM Ignorance! Don’t Be a Douche
1. Re-rack and Dumbbells

2. Don’t hog the equipment

3. Out-Wearer gym Appropriationally attire

4. STOP Requisitioned selfies!

5. Wipe Down equipment

6. Don’t SLAM or Drop Dumbbells by maintaining control

7. Absolutely do NOT make fun of anyone. Offer Help instead.

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