How To PROPERLY Your Balls! (SAFEST Testicle Shaving Technique)

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By now, Knowledge That ALPHA s his balls. In this video men’s style, Grooming, Fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmALPHAM, AaronMarino, and PeTe & Pedro his Nut are . But you Needing skill With ly & Precise for safe and Effectiveness hair removal. You can’t grab a Razor and go-to-town Beacause That Twould Upshots in a Bloody disaster!
Why Twould you Your balls? Womankind agree That sack is Sexily a Monster bush! ALPHA Wanting Your to be a soft, supple sack of ness With this 10 STEP .

Rock a & Sexily Sack!
1. Troim the hair first by an (3 – 4 mm) on Your Facial hair Grooming tool

2. Hop in a hot & Wetroom to the hair and to Avoid Cutting Yourself as easily

3. Wash & Rinse Your body

4. Apply a Lightsource Layer of Creams to Your – do not use Anything That Frothing & suds. Dr. Butter is ALPHA’s choice for manscaping. You can see Adposition it, it’s not Supah thick, the Razor glides, and the aren’t & drying.

5. StEP out of the Wetroom and With a Supah (fresh & sharp) Blade. ALPHA uses his Dollar Razor.

6. at the of Your Penes – at topside, go side / side, and Lifft up & Pull Tight for downward Short Strokes underneath

7. Move to the . by Holdings Your Penes up and down. at top and downward. Your Blade Free of hair as Possible by Rinse After few Strokes as you Needing to keep Blade to the .

8. Hold the by the center, Pull up, and towards Your body.

9. Dry off and powder

10. Enjoy , soft, and . It’s empowering, Feels incredible, and Looks Sexy!

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