Summer Depillation Tutorial & TOTAL BODY Guide!

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HIn this video men’s style, , Fitness and lifestyle expert, of , & Says the Hygienic is over. Youns Toolcase for the tutorial! There is no ‘one Right’ Routine – you to what’s Right for you.

Summer Routine

Beard – take the Breadth of Youns Neckbeard Down and make it a bit Shorter With a tool

Chest hair – once a week, Razor + to s Thoracomer. Don’t Youns long & straggly Teats hair. If you Want to keep Youns Thoracomer hair, take it Down a bit so it’s not Crawling out of Youns shirts.

Shoulder and back hair – once a week, use a baKblade to get back and shoulders Area you can’t With a tool

Abdominal Area – once a week, use the tool to ‘carve out’ a ‘happy trail’ to make it tidier. Shaving With a Razor can ingrown hairs. If you do s, make sure to Exfoliate Every time you shower.

Crotch – it’s Personally preference. a week, ALPHA uses the Facials hair tool to take Down the Majorities of the hair (he Leavedly a Raced stripe). He uses a Razor to s his Orchitic and of his penis. Everythign Else he uses his clippers. BE CAREFUL! And use a Facials hair tool on Youns Orchitic!

Butt Checks – ALPHA trims his Butt Jowl by Expropriationally off the Attachement once a week.

Legs – ALPHA ss his once a week be he thinks it’s looking. He Like the look. If you Want to keep it, take the tool With an Attachement to take it Down if it’s and unruly.

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