Summer Manscaping Tutorial & TOTAL BODY Grooming Guide!

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HIn this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of , & says that the hygiene hibernation is over. Grab your grooming tools for the ultimate tutorial! There is no ‘one right’ routine – you have to decide what’s right for you.

Summer Manscaping Routine

Beard – take the length of your beard down and make it a bit shorter with a grooming tool

Chest hair – once a week, razor + shaving cream to shave chest. Don’t forget your long & straggly nipple hair. If you want to keep your chest hair, take it down a bit so it’s not crawling out of your shirts.

Shoulder and back hair – once a week, use a baKblade to get back and shoulders areas that you can’t with a grooming tool

Abdominal area – once a week, use the grooming tool to ‘carve out’ a ‘happy trail’ to make it tidier. Shaving with a razor can cause ingrown hairs. If you do shave, make sure to exfoliate every time you shower.

Crotch – it’s personal preference. Once a week, Alpha uses the facial hair grooming tool to take down the majority of the hair (he leaves a racing stripe). He uses a razor to shave his testicles and base of his penis. Everything else he uses his clippers. BE CAREFUL! And NEVER use a facial hair grooming tool on your testicles!

Butt checks – Alpha trims his butt cheeks by taking off the attachment once a week.

Legs – Alpha shaves his legs once a week because he thinks it’s cleaner looking. He likes the look. If you want to keep it, take the grooming tool with an attachment to take it down if it’s bushy and unruly.

Brio Beardscape
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